Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Accidentally" Vegan Gems!

Prepared food catered specifically to vegans can be few and far between, but every once and awhile seemingly animal-product-stuffed-food can be happens to be 100% vegan.

I found out Oreos were vegan far before I ever was vegan. (As a general disclaimer, I have a very rocky relationship with Peta and do not fully support them, I'll surely post about this later.) But all feelings aside, they can be a great source for vegan and vegetarian info. It was on Peta that I stumbled upon the fact that Oreos are vegan. I was surprised.  Oreos, the most famous cookie with a cream filling has no cream... or any egg or dairy for that matter. This is likely due to the fact that chemicals are cheaper and store better than pure dairy products. But don't get me wrong I'm all for celebrating this rare benefit to over-processed food.

 This week I found another easy to find cookie that is accidentally vegan are Dad's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. They're really quite tasty, I'm eating one right now with a glass of soy milk.

If you are looking for some well priced vegan chocolate PC (President's Choice) brand offers Dark Chocolate that are accidentally vegan, delicious and comes in many varieties including mint thins, orange thins, organic extra dark European, dark chocolate bars with  cranberry or almond. Here is a link to the one I couldn't keep my paws off of after giving away my non-vegan Christmas chocolates (I went vegan right after Christmas) Mmm, PC Dark Chocolate with Almonds. Note that the ingredients don't list anything non-vegan but they warn it may contain traces of milk or egg. I've read they include this warning when a product is produced in a factory with said product and the company is avoiding possible future legal problems if that product is ever contaminated in the factory.

Anyway, I'll scout out some more vegan-y surprises and be sure to update this post whenever I find some more gems. For now you can should check out Peta's List of Accidentally Vegan Foods

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