Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let's Start at the Very Beginning: About Me/How this blog was born

A very good place to start!

Here is the ultra condensed story of the conception of this blog! I have been vegetarian for 8 years for animal rights reasons. I knew that the dairy industry was still a horrible environment for animals but resolved to go vegan once I moved out of my house with my family because it would be too much of a hassle for them to cater to a vegan. I recently took an environment class, did a project on veganism's environmental effects which involved me going vegan for one week and never looked back. It's been a month and a bit now, so by all means, I am no long time expert. All of my advice is based on research and personal experience. I thought I should start this blog because when researching how to begin to attempting veganism there were a few topics that seemed to have dead air on the internet.

Especially those things vegans still living with their families need to know:
How will this affect my growth?
How can I find cheap, healthy, easy to make vegan alternatives and just minimize the inconvenience for those living and eating with me?

I plan to be sharing stories, recipes, advice, questions, facts, restaurant and product reviews and interviews.

The first thing I want to share is that sharing itself is an important type of research. Facts of course matter, but the knowledge of vegans that have been there and done that is invaluable. I'm going to share with you interviews with some amazing, inspiring vegans.

HINT HINT stay tuned for interviews with Flickr-er Boy Wonder! and more!

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