Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snappy Ginger Cookies à la Vegan A Go-Go

 I am having a bit of a love affair with the recipe book Vegan A Go-Go. It's a truly great starting point in veganism because the recipes are simple and a lot of them are made without "special" ingredients which means I can bake on a whim without waiting for groceries. I made Sarah Kramer's Ginger Snaps twice. Ginger is my favorite smell (next to old books) and quite high up on my favorite tastes as well. I enjoy any food that adds bold flavor. It's tummy ache healing qualities are quite admirable. I digress. Cookies!

My cookies from today. I was trying to make these brown blobs look mildly pleasing...

I love them. I rated them 10/10* on my cookie scale on the first go. It may have been a slight exaggeration...this time I say they deserve a solid 9.

Last time I made them for fun and then I took the leftovers to a party (the yeild is a total lie by the says it makes 12 small cookies but I have 22 medium sized cookies) where they were eaten up. Tomorrow I am bringing the fresh batch I made today to a vegan potluck. I'm pretty excited to meet other vegans (and try so much food...I am a potluck enthusiast). I feel am so green in this world and eager to learn.

Check out the Hamilton Vegetarian Society Vegan Potluck Event Page & the wonderful Sarah Kramer of Vegan A Go-Go's blog.

My Cookie Rating Scale
1= don't want another bite
5= want another cookie
10= best cookies I've ever had

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