Saturday, April 2, 2011

Burnin' Butt Burritoes 7.5/10

These are fairly easy. It takes about half an hour to make.
I wanted something filling for linner (lunch dinner) so I flipped through Vegan A Go Go and came upon these bad boys. Next person you hear say "I only feel full after eating meat" deserves to have one of these in their bellies, it'll change their mind forever. Together beans and rice are a full protein too. They even have their own wikipedia page.

Anyway, when we were flipping through Vegan a Go Go my friend promised me to never make these due to the name, so to spite her I called to invite her over. Hehe. She didn't pick up,oh well. Anyway, these are pretty good, sadly I was missing the peppers but I spiced them up through other means. I liked having broccoli in there, it's weirdly wonderful. 

 I guess I'll have to report back on if my butt is burnin' or tomorrow.

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  1. I love the name of these! hah

    Pretty blog too, I like your background:)