Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweetness Bakery

I ran a Cancer fundraiser in April that entailed a big baked sale. Unfortunately for some silly policy-reason we weren't allowed to sell homemade goods and everything had to be store bought. I contacted every bakery in the area and asked if they would be willing to donate baked goods or sell them to us at cost. Sweetness was one of the bakeries that helped me out by giving us a ton of tasty treats at reduced prices.  How sweet of them! (Sorry, I had to)

They make vegan cupcakes too! Sadly it's only by order. Anyway some more awesome things about Sweetness are that they have a cupcake truck AND they are opening a bakery within walking distance from me! I will certainly be reviewing them more thoroughly when they open.

In the meantime check out their website and drool over their cupcakes.  They even have a creamsicle flavour!

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