Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vegan Frozen PIZZA by Tofurky

I came home from a 25km bike ride (the last half of which was nearly entirely up hill) in weather that feels like over 36C with the humidex and felt like a cool and easy lunch. I had just discovered this gem-of-a-fast-food vegan pizza by Tofurky. It's really good!

They use Daiya "cheese" which really does melt. It is fairly cheesy too. It's not so mozzarella-ey, it feels/tastes more like a soft cheese to me but it's not too soft or greasy and the pizza crust stays crisp. I picked this pizza up from Fortinos for only $10. Not too bad for specialty vegan food. It only takes 12 minutes to bake too.  Yay!

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