Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vegan Thanksgiving

This is  a mega-late post but I realized that I mentioned that I was going to Maine to visit my step-family for Thanksgiving. I'm sure no one is losing sleep over not knowing how the trip went but I may as well end any possible suspense and tell the world how it went.

It was a lovely trip filled with great times, beautiful scenery, summery weather and a lot of quinoa salad. Which, I found, comes in very handy when trying to eat vegan at big gatherings. I stayed in Maine for 3 days and with the help of a carton of soymilk (which someone happened to have brought to drink for health's sake), bagels, a couple cans of veggie soup, some beans and a box of faux chicken nuggets I got by just fine.

The quinoa salad was key though- it keeps well, is filling and can be served hot or cold. I had it at least twice everyday for the whole trip. And I didn't end up tiring of it.We made a huge batch of quinoa, threw in some raw veggies and avocado with  a touch of olive oil and it was all set to go for the whole weekend.

 I brought along some almond milk and vegan butter but didn't end up using much of either. Better safe than sorry though.

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