Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trying Every Recipe in the Book!

This tiny, charming recipe book by Sarah Kramer is good to go (it can fit in my coat pocket) and filled with easy vegan staples. It is a compilation of recipes from fans and from her other vegan cookbooks but it is made with traveling in mind, which means she included lots of food that travels well and in a cinch type meals with easy to find ingredients. It not only covers soups, salads, entrees, breakfast, lunch and dessert but some  has lovely extras including easy spice mixes, teas, beauty aids, note space and some helpful travel tips. Each recipe page has a little tidbit at the top, either advice from Sarah or a review from a fan. Its is pretty entertaining as well, where else can you expect to find recipes like Righteous Orbs, or soup described as  bodacious and voluptuous.

My boyfriend gave me this book and it's proven to be a very well used gift.  The day I got it, I was trying the first recipe with my friends (yummy peanut butter oatmeal no bake cookies) someone suggested I should try all the recipes in it.  

So I made it my goal to try each and every recipe it holds, even though I promised my friend to stay away from the "Burnin' Butt Burritos"...

I've had it for 3 weeks (3 busy weeks) and I've made 6 recipes (well 7 if you count making the ginger snaps twice) So only 174 to go! (if I counted right). At this rate it may take years, but lets not kid, I will probably finish this summer. When  I'm done I am going to write a nice thorough review. And  I'll probably send Sarah Kramer a love letter for compiling such easy, tasty recipes.

Mulligatawny Soup (pg 65)

So far my only complaint is that the recipes are written in paragraph form instead of listed as steps and sometimes have vague instructions. For example, in the ginger snaps recipe it lists the ginger as finely grated but the instructions leave out actually grating the ginger so when I was making these cookies with friends I forgot to grate the ginger until it was time to add the ginger to the bowl and it proved to be the most tedious task of the whole cooking make extravaganza which delayed the whole thing. Anyway, one small complaint among much praise, I assure you.

Along the way I will post some must try recipes. So far I know you need to try the ginger snaps. My must tries are the fettuccine Alfredo and the "savory Shepard's pie".

Anyone else found a recipe book that makes veganism look easy as pie*?
*or even better, easy as Sarah's Chocolate Banana No Bake Pie?

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