Friday, March 4, 2011

Kasa Sushi

I just came back from an all you can eat sushi restaurant and I have a lovely satisfied warm tummy feeling along with warm fuzzies over being able to order vegan food with ease. It's so nice having a ton of options available, there were so many today that I couldn't try them all.

This is why I love Asian restaurants, they seem to understand that it doesn't need meat to be a meal.

If you live in Hamilton you should try out Kasa Sushi. It's $14 for all you can eat lunch and dessert (fried bananas!) on weekdays excluding Friday when it's $16. So it's kind of pricey for a student budget, and the service is hit and miss but the menu is large and the food is ...glorious. The decor is pretty sweet too: giant glass panels illuminated by colorful changing lights and delicate faux cherry blossom trees that make it feel like spring even when its cold and drizzly out like today.  Next time I'll bring my camera.

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