Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toronto Veggie Pride Parade

To view more photos watch my video compelation.

Last weekend my friend and I went to Toronto's Veggie Pride Parade. We took the train and ended up lost in the rain for a bit but alas we found where the parade was to begin. It looked pretty empty, or at least not teeming with dressed up vegetables. We looked around Yonge & Dundas for a bit but had no luck of finding or even hearing about the parade so we gave up and meandered around the streets. We were in a bookstore when we heard some very parade-y noises coming our way. Sure enough it was the veggie crew! After we found them I realized we had come to where the parade was supposed to end, not begin.
Silly me!
Sadie's Diner gave out Coupons, they serve all day vegan and vegetarian breakfast!

Home made giant  beet?! Where else can you find this stuff?
This little pig went for a hug!
Vegan Sandwiches and Vegan Butter tarts!
A sign outside (Urban) Herbivore Restaurant in Kenzington Market

It was a fun parade: smiling people everywhere, music, and dancing giant vegetables. What more could a vegan ask for? Oh yeah, vegan food. They had that too. Wraps, sandwiches, burgers, banana bread bits, butter tarts and vegan ice cream bars made with coconut milk! It was all on a pay what you can basis too.

Overall I'm really glad I went! I was afraid that some of the activism might take a defensive standpoint but most of the signs and pamphlets seemed pretty positive and not too judgmental on those who eat meat. 

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