Monday, October 3, 2011

Holy Crepe! Recipe Review of Skinny Bitch: The Ultimate Cookbook

What is it about blog titles that pull the cheesiest sayings out of my mind?

Anyway, I eat some crepes. How banal you may say, but alas,I eat some crepes! And I got excited. Because I love food and I lust good food experiences.  I hope you do to, or else this would definitely be a boring blog. But onto the crepes:

The recipe was from Skinny Bitch: The Ultimate Cookbook. I have it out from the public library,(yes my library has vegan cookbooks!) . I've flipped through and the cookbook looks pretty solid. This is the only recipe I've tried so far but it was delicious.

I generally find the whole "Skinny Bitch" writing style tiresome (they aren't very body positive at all) and I found no affinity with them "Skinny Bitches" when reading/trying to use the Skinny Bitch in the Kitch but this book helped me make vegan crepes. So I can put up with all the writer's silliness in the name of tasty food. Hurrah!

My first crepe was a bit too thick so I added a bit of clementine juice I had, just for kicks. I also replaced the vanilla extract it called for with lemon extract for a subtle fruitiness and freshness. I also flipped the crepe with a flipper as usual because I tried their method (peeling it back with your fingers) but it ripped the crepe. Other than that I followed the recipe. Honestly.

The recipe isn't as clear as possible though, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to re-oil the pan between crepes, so I did it just in case. The rest of the crepes turned out well. They are fairly thin, a bit crispy-edged and delicately flavored. Just as crepes should be. I give them an 8/10.

I topped them with peaches, peach syrup and a teeny  bit of icing sugar. I make the peach syrup by mushing up a ripe peach in a bowl and microwaving it for 20 secs then using the back of a spoon to mush the peaches even more then microwave once more for 20 seconds before serving them. It results in a syrup-y goodness and nice warm peaches to add a pie-like feel to any meal!

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