Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grilled Cheese Please!

Topless  Sandwich (pre-grilled)

I bought some new fake cheese recently and wanted to re-try making some grilled cheese, which was totally a staple of my diet before I went vegan. Last two times I bought fake cheese were disappointing. First I tried fake processed cheese. It wasn't too convincing, and I didn't even really like real processed cheese in the first place. The second time it was a fake block of cheddar, and it melted nicely, and tasted decent. Too bad I found out it was made with casein. Anyway, I found my soul mate fake cheese: Earth Island "Vegan Gourmet" Soya Mozzarella Flavor. It has a different texture than real cheese when it's being grated but once it is melted it's wondrous! It actually tastes more like a very light soft cheese than mozzarella, but I'm not complaining.

Grilled Cheese aside Arugla Balsamic Salad

I made these little bread stick gourmet grilled cheesies for dinner last night. It was super quick and delicious. I warmed up my panini maker, sliced the bread, lightly oiled it with olive oil added some finely grated "cheese" and red peppers and threw them on the grill.

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