Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sadie's Diner: All Day Vegan Breakfast in Toronto

Sadie's Diner, on 504 Adelaide Street West, is pretty sweet. And their website is a myspace.

Vegan french toast with vegan sausages, hash-browns and cantaloupe
Atmosphere: 9/10 (shabby chic, really cute and unique, but the tables at the front are a bit close together)
Food:8/10 (tasty and generous portions, only down rated because a lot of their food is processed food not made in the restaurant)
Pricing:10/10 (very filling entrees at about $7-12)
Selection: 8/10 (standard home-style options)

So I went to Toronto with some friends for some Kenzington adventures and then a concert but the first place we headed off to was Sadie's Diner. I heard about it at the Veggie Pride Parade and got a handy little coupon...which I lost. I hope it is still kicking around somewhere because I will definitely be going back!

They serve all day breakfast (french toast, tofu scramble, breakfast burrito-esque dishes) as well as more lunch-y things like fries, soups and sandwiches. Their whole menu is at least vegetarian and the majority of it can be veganized. The up-side to having some vegetarian options is that your non-vegan friends won't feel obliged to eat your freaky vegan food. For example this is my friends Huevos Rancheros. But don't fret, they make a vegan version too.

I had the French toast with vegan sausages, and it was pretty damn satisfying, especially for $7. Afterwards I was stuffed... so I proceeded to share some vegan blueberry cheesecake with my friends as dessert. I haven't had cheesecake since I went vegan so it was quite a treat. It was from a box (you can see right into the kitchen) but it was decent. It was quite soft, but hey, give it some credit, it's a cheesecake without any cream cheese. It's a gift of science and innovation.

All and all this place is pretty cool. I kind of love it. And that really says a lot because I had a falling out with home style restaurants when I realized that I can cook. But this place has character. It's a great place to take anyone you want to show that vegans can eat delicious "normal" food, even on a budget. I have to admit it's kind of heartwarming to find a place with a menu filled with vegan options that aren't salads.

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